Bed Bugs & Kids – What You Need to Know

While bed bugs don’t care who they feed on, you should be particularly watchful when it comes to protecting your children from their effects. Since children’s bodies are working to build up their immune systems, they can be particularly sensitive to bed bugs bites.

As a parent, you always want to protect your children from any painful experience, and a brush with bed bugs can be a terrible challenge. The best way to defend your home and family from bed bugs is to learn how to detect them early—before they cause a serious situation.

Babies, toddlers, and children are commonly affected by bed bugs. Protect your children from the effects of bed bug bites by getting Bed Bug Plug™ today.

Bed Bug Concerns for Children

Parents have an especially important role in keeping children safe from bed bugs. Even though bed bugs don’t discriminate, children are more likely to have an experience with bed bugs, or even track them into your home. Because children tend to spend time in commonly infested areas such as schools, libraries, buses, and daycares, it’s important to be on your guard at all times.

Children are generally more sensitive to the bites of bed bugs than adults. Bites can cause severe allergic reactions that create major discomfort. That discomfort can lead to difficulty sleeping, which is detrimental a child’s mood and health. At young ages, an experience with bed bugs can often be to blame for increased anxiety, fear, and irritation. While bed bugs don’t directly transmit diseases, their bites can open the door for infections and conditions, like skin conditions, fevers, and infectious diseases that can last for months or even years.

It is absolutely vital to detect bed bugs early when it comes to your children. An infestation can happen anywhere, and at any time. Bed Bug Plughas been proven to be the easiest and most effective way to detect bed bugs in your home before they become a major problem. Defend your family today by buying Bed Bug Plug™.

Bed bugs can spread disease and infections, especially in children. Don’t become a victim of a bed bug infestation. Protect your family with Bed Bug Plug™ today.

Tips for Spotting Bed Bugs Early

Because children tend to spend more time in commonly infested areas than many adults, it’s critical to be aware of the signs of bed bugs and to look for them on your children frequently. Bed bugs can be tricky to spot, so make sure you follow these tips for early bed bug detection.

Don’t Dismiss Red Spots or Rashes

Kids play hard, and it’s not uncommon to find bumps, scrapes, and rashes on their skin. The problem is that when it doesn’t look too serious, it can often be dismissed or overlooked.

Whenever you notice any sort of condition on your child’s skin, talk to them about what might have caused it. It’s important to find the source of these maladies to ensure that they won’t continue to appear. While it’s possible these irritations are a result of allergies or other causes, they can also be the first sign of the presence of bed bugs. Compare these marks and bites with examples of bed bug bites to see if the profile matches.

Check Backpacks and Sports Bags

School and extracurricular activities are common places for kids to experience bed bugs. It’s a good idea to regularly check the pockets and lining of backpacks, dance or sports bags, or other carrying cases, to ensure that there are no signs of these pests. After an extended time away from home for a vacation, sports trip, or even just staying at a friend’s house, make sure to check your children’s bags and clothes for signs of bed bugs.

Keep Your Eyes Peeled when Washing Bedding

Doing laundry is a pretty routine activity. Just strip the bed and throw the sheets in the wash, right? Wrong! It’s easy to miss bed bug warning signs if you don’t keep a close eye on the sheets.

Before you put your child’s bedding in the wash, make sure to inspect them for small blood stains, bug parts, or strange buildup in the corners. In addition, before you put clean sheets on the bed (or when you’re taking off the old sheets), make sure to check the edges of the mattress itself.

Keep Your Children Safe with Bed Bug Plug™

Bed bugs are masters of staying out of sight and undetected. While a wary eye and vigilant searching can work wonders for detecting bed bugs before they become a major problem, these parasites can still break through and cause serious issues.

The only way to ensure that your family is protected at all times is to have a second set of eyes keeping watch when bed bugs are most active. Bed Bug Plug™ was designed to keep your family safe when you’re sound asleep in your bed and unable to spot the bugs. Our patented technology has been proven to be the most effective way to detect and trap bed bugs before they can cause major harm.

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