Bed Bug Plug: How the World’s Best Bed Bug Sensor Works

Finding the right defense against bed bugs can be a real chore. Discovering a device that is safe for your family, reliable at detecting bed bugs, and fits your budget can be a tough ask. But your search is over! Bed Bug Plug™ is the only early bed bug detection device of its kind, and is proven to be the best protection available.

The difference is in the technology. When the discreet Bed Bug Plug™ device is placed in your home, the patented chamber emits heat similar to the warmth produced by the human body. This stimulates and lures bed bugs into what they think will be a cozy home.

The bed bugs make their way deep into the device, and don’t realize it’s a trap until it’s too late! The upside-down sticky pad on the inside of the device captures the whole bug, while other sticky traps may only capture an antenna or limb, if anything at all.

Place a device under the bed in each bedroom for immediate 24/7 bed bug protection! You and your family will sleep easy knowing that Bed Bug Plug™ will catch the critters—before they become a nuisance!

How it Works

It’s as easy as 1-2-3!

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Lab Results are In: Bed Bug Plug Protects Best

We believe in Bed Bug Plug so much that we put it to the test. In a rigorous study conducted by top entomologists at Rutgers University, we analyzed the performance of Bed Bug Plug™ against other traps on the market. In three different tests of various durations, Bed Bug Plug™ was more effective than any other trap at luring and snaring bed bugs—and it wasn’t even close! 

Check out the details of the study, or see how Bed Bug Plug compares to other bed bug monitors on the market today.

“During lab testing, the Bed Bug Plug captured over 50% of bed bug subjects within hours of release. Other traps used in this study captured zero subjects.”
Department of Entomology, Rutgers University

Protect Your Home with the World’s Most Effective Bed Bug Sensor

When bed bugs establish themselves in your home, they aren’t just a minor nuisance – they’re a nightmare.

The best way to avoid these effects is early detection. Protect your family, your home, and your wallet with the best bed bug sensor on the market. Bed Bug Plug™ is Lab-tested and proven to sense and capture pesky bed bugs better than anything else.

Bed Bug Plug™ is the best bed bug early detection solution on the market. Protect your home and purchase Bed Bug Plug™ today! Not quite convinced? Take a look at how Bed Bug Plug™ stacks up with other early detection solutions!