Bed Bug Alert Passive Monitor vs. Bed Bug Plug

Looking for a reliable product to protect your home from bed bugs? We’ve done the heavy lifting to compare the most common products with Bed Bug Plug™ to help you make the right decision for your family—today!

One option on the market is the Bed Bug Alert Passive Monitor. Here’s how it compares with Bed Bug Plug™.

DEVICE Entomologist & Lab Tested Product has been tested by professionals in a lab, and results prove the device is effective PatentedProduct contains at least one patented component. Works 24/7Monitors for bed bugs without interruption. Simulates Human Body HeatUses a heating element to mimic human body heat. Captures Bed Bugs on their BackKeeps bed bugs from leaving their limbs behind to escape. No ChemicalsDoes not utilize chemicals in the air to lure bed bugs. Take it With You AnywhereEasy to use carry and use while traveling. Bed Bug Captured for IdentificationMakes it easy to take bug samples to a professional for ID Replaceable Trays for Continuous UseHas replaceable parts for long-term use.
Bed Bug Plug
Alert Passive Monitor  

Lab Testing & Effectiveness

Getting the right bed bug detection device to protect your home shouldn’t be a trial-and-error process. Lab testing provides concrete evidence as to which products are most effective, and whether they’ll work at all.

To date, there have been no documented lab tests to measure the effectiveness of the Bed Bug Alert Passive Monitor. The trap only works if bed bugs find it and adopt it as their primary hiding place, but there is no evidence that it works on a consistent basis.

Bed Bug Plug™ has been proven in research to be the most effective product for attracting and capturing bed bugs.

In a study at Rutgers University, Bed Bug Plug caught 53% of present bed bugs within the 18-hour time period, while other products caught none at all.

Trap Method

The Bed Bug Alert Passive Monitor is a rectangular card-like container with small crevices. When placed behind your bed, it hopes to provide a dark, tight space for bed bugs to hide. This is entirely dependent on the bed bugs finding the device and liking it enough to move in.

Bed Bug Plug™ uses heat technology to mimic the feel of sleeping humans. To bed bugs, this appears as just another place to eat a delicious meal. When bed bugs crawl deep inside the trap, they’re captured on their back (as opposed to their legs), making it impossible for them to escape.

Instead of buying a product that makes you think, “I hope this works”, get an early detection device that is tested and proven to be effective. Get Bed Bug Plug™ today!

Capturing Bed Bugs for Identification

When you capture an insect in your early detection device, you’ll want to know exactly what is! Although insects and bed bugs may be found periodically within the Bed Bug Alert Passive Monitor, the device doesn’t actively capture the bed bugs to ensure you can pass them on to a professional for proper ID.

Bed Bug Plug™, on the other hand, ensures that bugs can’t escape by utilizing an internal sticky trap at the top of the device- capturing bed bugs on their back. This makes it a simple task to pass bugs on for identification and treatment.

Why Choose Bed Bug Plug Today

  1. Bed Bug Plug™ actively lures bed bugs into its trap, while the Passive Monitor relies on the bed bugs to find it.
  2. Bed Bug Plug™ has been lab-tested to be the most effective early detection device. The Passive Monitor has not been tested.
  3. Bed Bug Plug™ captures bed bugs for identification by a pest control professional

The only way to know for sure if you have bed bugs is to actively detect them. Protect your home and family by getting Bed Bug Plug™ today.