Verifi Bed Bug Detector vs. Bed Bug Plug

Bed Bug detection devices are not created equal. When selecting a device as the first line of defense for your family, you want to choose an effective and reliable product. To help you make a decision, we’ve compared some of the most common bed bug detection products with Bed Bug Plug™.

Let’s take a look at how the Verifi Bed Bug Detector compares:

DEVICE Entomologist & Lab Tested Product has been tested by professionals in a lab, and results prove the device is effective PatentedProduct contains at least one patented component. Works 24/7Monitors for bed bugs without interruption. Simulates Human Body HeatUses a heating element to mimic human body heat. Captures Bed Bugs on their BackKeeps bed bugs from leaving their limbs behind to escape. No ChemicalsDoes not utilize chemicals in the air to lure bed bugs. Take it With You AnywhereEasy to use carry and use while traveling. Bed Bug Captured for IdentificationMakes it easy to take bug samples to a professional for ID Replaceable Trays for Continuous UseHas replaceable parts for long-term use.
Bed Bug Plug

Trap Method

The Verifi Bed Bug Detector is one of the few devices that utilizes a multi-pronged approach to lure bed bugs. First, it releases several chemical compounds into the air to attract bed bugs. Then, bugs that are lured to the trap fall into a slick chamber that makes it difficult (but not impossible!) for them to climb out. The chemical lures remain effective for 90 days, at which point replacement lures must be purchased and installed. Even if you were willing to fork out the cash needed for expensive replacement lures, the Verifi Bed Bug Detector and related supplies are currently only available to pest control professionals.

Bed Bug Plug™ also utilizes a multi-faceted approach to capturing bed bugs, simulating body heat —without releasing chemicals into the air. Bed bugs seek out the sources of the heat deep within the trap. These unsuspecting bed bugs are then caught by a glue cartridge that sticks to their backs, removing the possibility of them leaving a leg or antenna behind while attempting to escape.


The Verifi Bed Bug Detector requires steady installation against a wall or the back of your bed or furniture. Because of this and the inclusion of chemical and gas inserts, this product is not ideal for family vacationers or frequent travelers.

Bed Bug Plug™ small and easy to carry in your luggage. The device can be plugged in as soon as you get to your destination or hotel room. If any bed bugs are present and ready to feed, you’ll be able to detect them quickly before your trip gets sabotaged by bed bugs.


The Verifi Bed Bug Detector is being discontinued in retail and public use. Instead, this bed bug detection system will only be available by contracting with your local pest control professionals -which can be costly and time-consuming.

At Bed Bug Plug, we believe in making bed bug detection possible for everyone. You deserve to protect your home and family from bed bugs without the hassle of contacting a pest control company.  Do it with Bed Bug Plug.

The advantages of choosing Bed Bug Plug

  1. No chemicals! Instead of releasing gases and chemical compounds, Bed Bug Plug™ utilizes non-invasive heat.
  2. Bed Bug Plug™ is ideal for travelers. The Verifi Bed Bug Detector is not suited for travel.
  3. Bed Bug Plug™ is readily available to consumers, while the Verifi Bed Bug Detector has been discontinued for retail use.