Buggy Beds vs. Bed Bug Plug

When it comes to protecting your home and family from bed bugs, we know you’re looking for a reliable product. We’ve compared the most common bed bug products with Bed Bug Plug™ to help you choose the best defense for your family—today!

One commonly seen bed bug detector is Buggy Beds. Here’s how it compares with Bed Bug Plug™.

DEVICE Entomologist & Lab Tested Product has been tested by professionals in a lab, and results prove the device is effective PatentedProduct contains at least one patented component. Works 24/7Monitors for bed bugs without interruption. Simulates Human Body HeatUses a heating element to mimic human body heat. Captures Bed Bugs on their BackKeeps bed bugs from leaving their limbs behind to escape. No ChemicalsDoes not utilize chemicals in the air to lure bed bugs. Take it With You AnywhereEasy to use carry and use while traveling. Bed Bug Captured for IdentificationMakes it easy to take bug samples to a professional for ID Replaceable Trays for Continuous UseHas replaceable parts for long-term use.
Bed Bug Plug
Buggy Beds

Lab Testing & Effectiveness

When choosing a bed bug detection device, the only thing that matters is how well the product actually detects bed bugs. Rather than just hoping a product works, make sure you choose one that’s been lab-tested and proven.

Even with its hype surrounding an appearance on the hit TV show Shark Tank, there have been no lab tests documented to measure the effectiveness of Buggy Beds. During field tests, Buggy Beds never captured a single bug during any of the trials.

Bed Bug Plug™ has been tested in the lab against sticky traps just like Buggy Beds. During testing, Bed Bug Plug™ was able to catch 53% of present bed bugs within the 18-hour time period, while the sticky traps caught none at all.

Trap Method

Buggy Beds is a thin, plastic card with a sticky glue on one side – the bottom. The product is placed between your mattress and box spring or bed base at each of the four corners of the bed. Then, on the off chance that bed bugs happen upon the glue trap during their travels, they may get caught. In all likelihood, the bugs will step onto the trap, realize their legs or antennae are stuck, and pull away, leaving almost no trace, and emitting a warning to other bed bugs to stay away!

Bed Bug Plug™ takes a much more active approach. Our bed bug trap lures bed bugs into it uses heat technology to simulate the warmth and vitality of a human. As bed bugs head in search of their next meal, they crawl deep inside the trap. Then,  they are captured tightly on their backs by an internal sticky trap on the top, making it nearly impossible for them to pull away and escape.

Take an active stance against bed bugs by getting Bed Bug Plug™ today!

Replaceable Components for Long-term Use

Buggy beds is a single sticky tray with no replaceable components. It must be replaced over and over again after one or more bugs is caught – or after six months of no activity.

Bed Bug Plug™ on the other hand, is equipped with a replaceable glue cartridge on the inside that should be replaced every 90 days. Glue cartridge refills take just seconds to install, and a year’s supply is only $16.49!. The Bed Bug Plug™ device itself can be used 24/7 for several years.

Why Choose Bed Bug Plug

There are clear advantages to choosing Bed Bug Plug™ over Buggy Beds.

  1. Bed Bug Plug™ actively lures bed bugs into its trap, while Buggy Beds hopes that bed bugs to walk over the sticky surface.
  2. Bed Bug Plug™ has been lab-tested to be the most effective early detection device.
  3. Bed Bug Plug™ protects your home and family for years by utilizing replaceable components, while Buggy Beds has a 6-month lifespan.

Knowing is half the battle. Bed Bug Plug™ is more effective than anything else at detecting and capturing bed bugs. You can rest assured knowing that you’ll know the pests are there—before a major outbreak. Get Your Bed Bug Plug™ today!