Do I Have Bed Bugs? How to Check for Bed Bugs

It’s easy to know if you have an infestation of ants, spiders, fruit flies, and other pests, but it’s not nearly so simple to know if you have bed bugs trying to establish themselves in your home. Bed bugs are experts at staying out of sight, and if you don’t catch them soon enough you could find yourself with a real problem.

If you have had bed bugs or have heard the horror stories, you know what a terrible experience it can be. Detecting and identifying bed bugs early is crucial to avoiding a significant breakout that can affect your sleep, your health, and your life. The best way to detect bed bugs is to use an effective early detection device like Bed Bug Plug™.

While the elusive bed bug can be hard to detect, our experts share some of the most common signs of an infestation and how to check for bed bugs in your home. If you see any of these signs, it’s time to know for sure if you have bed bugs by getting Bed Bug Plug™!

Signs That it’s Time to Check for Bed Bugs

True to their sneaky form, bed bugs often bring with them symptoms that get confused with other ailments. While the only real way to know if you have a bed bug infestation is to find physical evidence with a detection device like Bed Bug Plug™, discovering these signs means that it’s time to do a deep sweep to know for sure, before the problem becomes a catastrophe.

Bed Bugs Can Leave Red, Itchy Bites

Bed bugs are often far from our minds until they leave their mark. It may be nearly impossible to know for sure whether a specific bite came from a bed bug, but discovering red, itchy marks on your skin is a sign that it’s time to search your home for other signs of bed bugs.

See examples of bed bugs and their bites look like and learn more about how to identify them here.

Trouble Sleeping? It Might Be the Bed Bugs

Sure, there are lots of reasons why people have trouble sleeping. But if you’re used to sleeping soundly through the night and have recently experienced new difficulties, there might be some new monsters under your bed just waiting to spoil your hard-earned rest. Excess itchiness and frequent interruptions in your sleep on a consistent basis are the most common signs that bed bugs might be keeping you from your sleep.

That Moldy Smell Might be a Growing Bed Bug Family

If you’re experiencing a musty smell much like day-old wet laundry or a public locker room, you might actually be smelling a growing family of bed bugs. Bed bugs release pheromones that create a strong, wet smell that becomes stronger as the bed bug population grows. If there is nothing else you can attribute this smell to, then it’s probably time to do a deep check for bed bugs.

There are more than 200k reported US cases of bed bugs per year. Don’t become a victim of a bed bug infestation.
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Spots on Your Sheets or Mattress

One of the more direct signs that you might have a bed bug infestation is if you find black, red, or rust-colored spots on your sheets or your mattress. While these spots can be attributed to small cuts, smears on your clothes or skin, or a buildup of hair or skin cells, finding such spots on your bedding is a sure sign it’s time to check for bed bugs. Not doing so can lead to a severe infestation.

How to Check for Bed Bugs

Have you found some of the bed bug warning signs? It’s time to find out if you have them for sure. Unfortunately, because the bite symptoms are so similar to other ailments, the only way to know for sure is to find actual evidence of bed bugs.

A good place to start is to learn what bed bugs look like, and to get the proper tools for detecting bed bugs. Bed Bug Plug™ is the quickest and easiest way to to know for sure if bed bugs are present before the problem gets any worse. Get Bed Bug Plug™ today to protect your family from a bed bug infestation.

Your Bed Could be a Bed Bug Graveyard

If you’ve found some spots on your bed, don’t stop digging there. Bed bugs molt and shed their skin several times as they mature, and can leave their old body parts behind. Bed bugs also tend to get crushed as you roll over in your sleep, so you may even find a carcass or two left behind.

Your Mattress Isn’t the Only Place to Look

According to the CDC, bed bugs commonly make their homes anywhere within eight feet of their feeding spot. This means that they could be hiding just about anywhere in your room. The most likely places are the ones that don’t get seen or disturbed often, like the corners of bookshelves, behind picture frames, in your closet, or around and behind bedside furniture. The more crowded or cluttered your room is, the more places bed bugs have to hide.

Bed bugs can crawl over 100 feet per night.
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Bought Anything Secondhand Recently?

One of the most common ways bed bugs make their way into your home is through secondhand items, such as furniture, clothing, and toys. If you think you might have bed bugs, these items should definitely be searched and cleaned to dig out any evidence. Take special care to check in the linings and edges of fabrics and toys for signs of bed bug parts or eggs.

It’s Nearly Impossible to Check All the Places Bed Bugs Hide

While knowing how to check for bed bugs is a great step toward protecting your family from a devastating infestation, even the most thorough of searches probably won’t cover all the places a bed bug can hide. The tiniest cracks and crevices make the perfect bed bug home.

The most reliable and effective way to check for bed bugs is to place a quality bed bug detection device in the areas most likely to be affected. Bed Bug Plug™ is lab-proven to be the most effective detection solution on the market. Unlike other products, our industry-leading technology doesn’t just passively catch bed bugs if they happen upon it, but rather lures and captures them for easy detection and identification.

Bed Bug Plug™ is the easiest, most time- and cost-effective way to defend your home and family from the awful effects of a bed bug infestation. Don’t wait any longer! Buy Bed Bug Plug™ today to sleep soundly, confident that you and your family are protected.

Bed Bug Plug™ is the most effective way to detect bed bugs. Don’t be a victim of a bed bug infestation. Buy Bed Bug Plug™ today!