What is Bed Bug Plug? The Most Effective Bed Bug Early Detection Device

It’s simple. Bed Bug Plug is the only bed bug detection device of its kind. Pest control professionals agree that early detection is the only effective defense against bed bugs. Sure, there are lots of products available that claim to detect bed bugs, so what sets Bed Bug Plug™ apart?

  • Why Bed Bug Plug Works: Bed Bug Plug™ utilizes powerful, patented technology to give you the best defense against bed bugs. While many bed bug detection products require perfect placements and a little luck to detect bed bugs, Bed Bug Plug™ takes an active approach to lure and capture bed bugs before they catch you! Learn More…
  • What the Experts Say: Don’t just take our word for it. Bed Bug Plug™ has undergone professional and structured testing against other bed bug products. In a trial by entomologists at Rutgers University, Bed Bug Plug™ was able to lure and capture bed bugs better than any other product in a short amount of time. The study concluded that Bed Bug Plug™ was the most effective device for protecting your home from bed bugs. Learn More…

One out of five Americans knows someone

who has encountered bed bugs.
Don’t become the next victim of a bed bug infestation

Not only has Bed Bug Plug™ been proven to be a powerful defense in lab studies, our device also has features and benefits that stand above the competition. From a unique and specially-engineered approach to luring bed bugs to easy maintenance that allows your device to remain active for years, Bed Bug Plug™ offers the most complete approach to bed bug early detection on the market.

Knowing is half the battle. Bed Bug Plug™ is more effective than anything else at detecting and capturing bed bugs before they become a major problem.Sleep soundly knowing that you’ll know the pests are there—before a major outbreak. Get your Bed Bug Plug now!