Our Story: Why We Created Bed Bug Plug

If you have experienced a bed bug infestation in the past, you already know how awful the experience is. With 97% of pest control specialists treating bed bugs in the past year, a new and more effective approach to protecting homes was in dire need. Bed Bug Plug™ was created to be the most reliable bed bug early detection device on the market, protecting homes and families across the country. Defend your home with Bed Bug Plug™ today.

Bed Bugs are Spreading Rapidly

For pest control professionals, bed bug infestation calls went from an occasional request here and there to hundreds of calls a year. After going on hundreds of bed bug treatments, some of which were devastating, the clear question became, “How can we slow down or stop the spread of bed bugs?”

Seeing all of these infested houses, hotel rooms, apartment buildings, nursing homes, and even schools, there was a clear difference in how difficult it is to treat smaller infestations early instead of larger infestations later on. There had to be a way to detect bed bugs early so it does not get so out of control.

How We Developed the Best Bed Bug Early Detection Device for Home Protection

With this mission in mind, we needed to find new ways to actively lure and capture bed bugs. In a regular living room like yours, we constructed a giant arena with carpet, an obstacle wall, outlets, plexiglass sides, and a built in camera to record how bed bugs would react to different methods. For months, bed bugs and their behaviors were studied and tweaks were made to the devices, testing iteration after iteration of a bed bug detection device that would adequately protect families. Using a specific range of temperatures, a solution was created that would attract all types of bed bugs effectively and consistently.

But luring bed bugs isn’t enough to capture them. The perfect solution also has to be consistent at capturing bed bugs once they make their way to the trap. Through our experience in the field, we noticed that the body structure of the insect made it difficult for most traps to capture them successfully, as bugs would simply leave antennae or legs behind instead of remaining trapped.

Instead, we devised a way to capture bed bugs by trapping them by their bodies instead of their antennae or legs, making it nearly impossible for them to pull away or escape. Combined with the superior luring ability of heat, a revolutionary and reliable new approach to bed bug detection was finally perfected!

The Culmination of Years of Observation and Testing

In all, the process of observing bed bugs and testing new ways to lure and capture them was a project that took years to complete. The culmination of all this invested time and experience resulted in the best bed bug early detection device on the market: Bed Bug Plug™.

Now, Bed Bug Plug™ is available to families and businesses everywhere, with the goal of helping to stop the epidemic before it causes major consequences like the spread of disease. In addition to Scott’s tests, Bed Bug Plug™ has been proven by professionals in lab settings to be the most effective bed bug detection device on the market.

Bed Bug Plug™ is the most complete bed bug detection device available. See how Bed Bug Plug™ stacks up against the competition, or protect your home today and buy Bed Bug Plug™ now!