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Bed Bug Plug

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Save thousands and keep your home and family safe from bed bugs.

Bed Bug Plug™ is a lab-tested and proven leader in bed bug early detection. Our patented bed bug detection device utilizes proven technologies to lure and capture bed bugs—before they become a problem for you and your family.

Using Bed Bug Plug™ is safe and easy! Simply place the device in a discreet location under or beside your bed, and then plug it in, that’s it! You and your family are now protected from bed bugs 24/7. You can rest easy knowing that you’re safe from an unexpected and unwanted bed bug infestation.

Each Bed Bug Plug™ device comes with:

  • The Bed Bug Plug™ patented early detection device
  • An AC Adapter Plug
  • 2 Bed Bug Plug™ Adhesive Strips – that won’t damage your walls or furniture!
  • Travel Box for on-the-go protection (Limited Time Only!)
  • Glue Cartridge for capturing bed bugs inside the device
  • Complete instructions for easy setup
  • Manufacturer’s warranty

For the best protection, make sure to pick up a pack of glue cartridge refills, or make it easy to protect your whole family by getting one of our full-bedroom bundles for up to four bedrooms.

11 reviews for Bed Bug Plug

  1. Tim Cupsatis


    I had bed bugs and was driving myself crazy if they were all gone. This device is always monitoring for me and gave me the peace of mind and something i can check as often as I like.

  2. Julius Samuels

    This device goes with me every where

    I bring the Bed Bug Plug with me every time I travel. It makes me feel safe because I am terrified of bed bugs! After I return from my travels I place the device on my bed at home. Thank you Bed Bug Plug!!

  3. Rosalind

    The Bed Bug Plug Saved Me!

    We had a pest control company come to our house 3 times to try and get rid of the bed bugs. The company assured us that they were gone but we were still getting bites! I purchased the Bed Bug Plug and within 1 night it caught 2 baby bed bugs in the cartridge. I proudly showed the company the captured bugs and they were amazed. Needless to say they treated again and we have been good ever since. Thank god for the Bed Bug Plug!

  4. Jeff Bokoloxski

    Caught bed bugs on the first night

    This thing is a god sent… I’ve been waiting for something to help me catch these bed bugs. Got 3 in the first night it was plugged in. So exciting to finally be able to catch them

  5. Mildred Campanile

    This device paid for itself in the first 4 days I had it!

    This was very easy to install. The glue cartridge came with a tight plastic seal on it, which I wrestled with to get off. But other than that the product heated up within minutes of plugging in. I use this after my bed bug treatment. Caught 2 adults and 1 little tiny one. Called the pest control company up and they said “no we got everything” I said not according to this device that caught more. They came back out and didn’t charge me to treat the room again. This device was a worthy investment for me.

  6. Marie Pisano

    Thank you Bed Bug Plug

    I’ve lost sleep ever since we found bed bugs in our home. Even though we paid a small fortune to get rid of them, me and my children haven’t slept well due to us thinking that the pest control company might not have caught every one if this pests. If I feel something in my sheets while in bed, I jump up and turn on the lights to see what triggered this panic attack. I’ve never seen another bed bug but it’s there in the back of my mind along with my family. Are they really gone? I was searching the web and found this product. All I can say it…Thank You! Ive had the device for 3 weeks and I haven’t seen 1 bed Bug in any of our bed rooms. Knowing that this device is working 24/7 gives us peace of mind and more importantly a good nites sleep!

  7. Jen Brown

    Better to be safe than sorry

    My daughter that lives in NYC informed us that her roommate said she found bed bugs in her room. She was staying with us for a week before she was told about this. My wife freaked out and we ordered 4 devices. 3 for our hone and 1 for my daughter for her apartment. They came a few days ago and we installed ours and my daughter installed hers in NYC. Ours shows no bed bugs yet but we have peace of mind knowing if they did smuggle in from my daughter we will know now vs later. My daughter did find a bed bug in the unit and the landlord is sending the pest control to treat the entire apartment. We will know for sure if they got them all with this product.

  8. Daniel Lopez

    Piece of mind

    Piece of mind is priceless and that’s exactly what the Bed Bug Plug offers. This is the only proactive sensor I’ve ever seen. Great product. Strongly recommend it.

  9. Mike M.

    Be proactive

    I took it upon myself to purchase this device as a precautionary measure, after returning home from vacation in which we unfortunately had an encounter with bed bugs in our hotel room. We have a new baby girl, and the thought of these getting on her literally made me sick to my stomach. Any one who’s had a similar experience, knows how hard this hits home.

    Sure enough shortly after purchasing the Bed Bug Plug for my home, I saw the product in fact worked. By the end of the first week it had caught 2 bugs in which I’m now following up on with an exterminator. Had I not purchased the device for my home, I’m confident I wouldn’t have known there was an issue until it was too late.

  10. Ted Lugardo

    Thanks Bed bug plug!

    I came home from a vacation and made the mistake of putting my suitcase on my bed. Boy I’ll never do that again! After waking up to horrible scratching I decided to give Bed bug plug a try and it worked as advertised. No more scratching!!!

  11. Brian

    Thank god for bed bug plug

    Bed Bugs…. one of the worst things that has ever happened to me completely mind blowing – the bed bug plug was Easy + quick to Solve this catastrophic problem !! And I can rest aside it won’t happen again ! Thanks guys ⚠️

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