Experts Agree, Bed Bug Plug is the Best Bed Bug Device On the Market

In order to find and beat bed bugs before they become a major problem, you want the best early-detection measures possible. After rigorous study at Rutgers University, the experts have found that Bed Bug Plug™ is the most effective bed bug device on the market. Compared to the competition, Bed Bug Plug™ is the best at luring and capturing bed bugs, and it wasn’t even close!

How Bed Bug Plug Performed: Highlights from the Study

In three separate tests, Bed Bug Plug™ and another bed bug detection device were placed in a closed environment with 40 bed bugs. The pests were not fed prior to the test to ensure they would be scouting around for food. The devices were then left with the bed bugs for various lengths of time. After each time period, the bed bug traps were removed and the results were measured and recorded.

In each of the three tests, Bed Bug Plug™ was the highest performing bed bug device by a wide margin. In fact, other common bed bug devices used in the test weren’t effective at all, capturing zero subjects in any of the three tests. While bed bugs simply find and avoid other products, Bed Bug Plug™ effectively lures bugs into its patented chamber, and snares them for easy detection and identification.

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The superior technology and design of Bed Bug Plug makes it the most effective and protective bed bug device on the market! You can rest easy knowing that Bed Bug Plug is there to catch bed bugs
—before they become a massive problem for you and your family.