Know Where to Find Bed Bugs and How They Spread

You might think that bed bugs, like other insects and pests, are drawn in by an dirty or cluttered environment. We hate to break it to you, but anyone, anywhere can be plagued with a bed bug infestation. While a disorganized or messy space can give bed bugs more places to hide, bed bugs can find their way into your home in a number of ways.

To avoid the discomfort and expense of an infestation, It’s important to know where to find bed bugs and how they spread. You never know when your home might become ground zero to these pesky invaders, and the best defense is early detection. To ensure that you detect bed bugs before they become a major problem, get Bed Bug Plug™ today.

How Bed Bugs Get from One Bed to Another

Bed bugs are not known to sneak their way into your house from outdoors, or even naturally find their way to messy places like other pests do. Instead, they invade our homes by stowing away in our bags or luggage, the products we buy, and even the clothes we’re wearing. They hitch a ride out into the public, find a new place to hide, and then get carried back to a new home. Because of this, anyone can get bed bugs. Any time you go out into a public area with lots of people, you have at least some risk of carrying bed bugs back with you.

So where are the most common places that bed bugs latch on? Some of the most popular bed bug hot zones are:

  • Used furniture stores (and other secondhand stores) – Make sure you inspect your reclaimed sofa or yard sale item before bringing it inside your home.
  • Hotels – With hundreds of people checking in and out of each room every year, you might easily pick up someone else’s bed bugs in your luggage or clothing.
  • Public Libraries – The shelves and books at a library offer a ton of hiding places for bed bugs.
  • Planes, Trains, and Buses – Mass transportation means a lot of people coming and going. You never know how many stowaways might be looking for a new home.
  • Schools – You might be carrying more than just books in that backpack!

In the end, you never know how or when you might carry bed bugs into your home. The best way to protect your home from a bigger problem is with an early detection system. Bed Bug Plug™ has been proven to be the most effective early detection solution on the market! Defend your home and protect your family by buying a Bed Bug Plug™ today!

Travel often? 82% of hotels in the United States have been treated for bed bugs in the past year.
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Where to Find Bed Bugs in Your Home

If bed bugs are so good at hiding, how do we find them in our homes? According to the CDC,  bed bugs like to move around and hide within about eight feet of their food source: you, in your bed.

Contrary to popular belief, bed bugs don’t just hide in your mattress. They can hide just about anywhere around your bed, too. Cracks in shelves, your wall, and the cluttered mess of unfolded laundry in the corner all make great living spaces for bed bugs. Any place that is rarely disturbed makes a great sanctuary for a family of blood-sucking pests.

While you may find some critters while doing your own search, it’s impossible to look in every spot a bed bug can hide. The best way to detect bed bugs before they multiply and cause major problems is to buy Bed Bug Plug™. Our patented technology simulates the warmth of the human body to lure bed bugs into the open, and capture them in a deadly trap. Secure your home and rest easy by getting Bed Bug Plug™ today!

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