Bed Bug Trap CO2 vs. Bed Bug Plug

Bed bug products utilize various methods to detect bed bugs. But not all approaches are created equal. We’ve compared Bed Bug Plug™’s patented bed bug monitor with some of the most common alternatives so you can easily select the right protection for your home—today!

One common type of trap is a CO2 trap. These devices are equipped to release bed bug trap CO2 into the air. Two common CO2 traps are the Verifi Bed Bug Detector, or the Nightwatch Bed Bug Monitor.

DEVICE Entomologist & Lab Tested Product has been tested by professionals in a lab, and results prove the device is effective PatentedProduct contains at least one patented component. Works 24/7Monitors for bed bugs without interruption. Simulates Human Body HeatUses a heating element to mimic human body heat. Captures Bed Bugs on their BackKeeps bed bugs from leaving their limbs behind to escape. No ChemicalsDoes not utilize chemicals in the air to lure bed bugs. Take it With You AnywhereEasy to use carry and use while traveling. Bed Bug Captured for IdentificationMakes it easy to take bug samples to a professional for ID Replaceable Trays for Continuous UseHas replaceable parts for long-term use.
Bed Bug Plug

How Does Bed Bug Trap CO2 Stack Up with Bed Bug Plug?

Continuous 24/7 Monitoring

CO2-enabled bed bug traps are designed to release puffs of CO2 gas and other chemical compounds, to mimic the breathing of a sleeping human. These lures only work for as long as the included gas chambers last, which is usually just a few days. Once the gas has dissipated, the trap’s ability to lure bed bugs becomes completely ineffective.

Instead of releasing gases and chemicals into the air, Bed Bug Plug™ simulates body heat and frequency while remaining safe to the touch. Because no additional supplies are needed, our bed bug monitor remains active and watching 24/7.

Your defense against bed bugs needs to be constant and reliable. A detection device that only lasts a few days or even a few months can’t do much to protect your family long-term. Get a product that’s proven to be reliable for years by getting Bed Bug Plug™ today!


The portability of CO2 traps is dependant on the model, as some are large or need to be installed near your bed to function. The downside with traveling with these is that you’d also need to travel with canisters of compressed CO2, which isn’t ideal for flying and could be confiscated at the airport.

Bed Bug Plug™ is small, discreet, and can easily be packed into a carry-on bag.  Your detection device can be activated right away when you reach your destination. If any bed bugs are present and ready to feed, you’ll be able to detect them quickly before your trip gets ruined by bed bugs.

Replaceable Components for Long-term Use

Bed bug monitors that utilize bed bug trap CO2 will always require replaceable parts. The CO2 canisters or modules contained generally only last a few days, and new CO2 replacements will need to be bought to replace the empty ones. With proper maintenance and replacement parts, these traps can generally last a few years, however, the replacement parts can cost you up to $60/month.

Bed Bug Plug™contains a built-in glue cartridge that should be replaced every 90 days. Glue cartridge refills are low-cost and will keep your device active 24/7 for several years.

Summary: Why Choose Bed Bug Plug Today

There are clear advantages to choosing Bed Bug Plug™ over monitors that utilize bed bug trap CO2.

  1. No chemicals! Bed Bug Plug™ safely uses heat to lure bed bugs into the trap instead of gasses and chemicals.
  2. Bed Bug Plug™ is easy to travel with, with CO2 traps can be clunky and require bringing compressed CO2 and other supplies with you.
  3. Bed Bug Plug™ protects your home and family for years with very inexpensive sticky pad replacement. CO2 traps are only effective for a few days unless you buy and replace expensive CO2 canisters and other compounds frequently.

Bed Bug Plug™ is the most reliable and cost-effective bed bug detection solution on the market. Protect your family, your home, and your wallet by getting Bed Bug Plug™ today!

Bed Bug Plug™is the industry’s leading bed bug early-detection device on the market. With patented technology, our bed bug monitors lure and capture bed bugs better than anything else—without the use of chemicals. Buy Bed Bug Plug today!