Bed Bug Interceptor vs. Bed Bug Plug

Finding the right defense against bed bugs is an important step in protecting your home. To help with the research process, we’ve compared the most common products with Bed Bug Plug™ so you can make a quick decision and rest easy knowing you’re protected. One option on the market is the Bed Bug Interceptor. Here’s how it compares with Bed Bug Plug™.

DEVICE Entomologist & Lab TestedProduct has been tested by professionals in a lab, and results prove the device is effective PatentedProduct contains at least one patented component. Works 24/7Monitors for bed bugs without interruption. Simulates Human Body HeatUses a heating element to mimic human body heat. Captures Bed Bugs on their BackKeeps bed bugs from leaving their limbs behind to escape. No ChemicalsDoes not utilize chemicals in the air to lure bed bugs. Take it With You AnywhereEasy to use carry and use while traveling. Bed Bug Captured for IdentificationMakes it easy to take bug samples to a professional for ID Replaceable Trays for Continuous UseHas replaceable parts for long-term use.
Bed Bug Plug

Lab Testing

To stop a bed bug infestation before it starts, you need a product that is proven to be effective. While Bed Bug Interceptor is an easy-to-use option, lab testing has shown less-than-ideal results. In several tests against other bed bug detection products, it was shown that the Interceptor was unable to detect or capture more bed bugs than any other object or piece of furniture in the testing area. In essence, using an Interceptor is much like adding a new piece of furniture in your room that bed bugs might find their way to, if you’re lucky.

Bed Bug Plug™’s approach to luring and capturing bed bugs has been lab tested and entomologist approved as the most effective product available for detecting bed bugs early. Bed bugs don’t stand a chance against our unique and reliable approach to attracting and detecting bed bugs.

In a study at Rutgers University, Bed Bug Plug caught 53% of present bed bugs within the 18-hour time period,
while other products caught none at all.

Trap Method

Bed Bug Interceptor is a small, plastic cup-like device that can be placed underneath the legs of your bed or along the potential crawl path of bed bugs. If bed bugs decide to try to traverse the roadblock instead of crawling around it or taking a different path, they may fall into a slick well that makes it difficult for the bugs to escape. However, if the bugs circumvent the trap, it’s not effective at all.

Bed Bug Plug™ takes the fight to the bed bugs, simulating a sleeping human to attract them to a trap. Bed bugs seek the soft heat from the device, thinking they are signs of a meal waiting. When bed bugs crawl inside the trap, they are captured on their backs, effecting snaring them within our patented chamber.

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Replaceable Components for Long-term Use

Because Bed Bug Interceptor is a simple passive monitor, the device does not need to be replaced over time. While the minimal maintenance may seem like an advantage, you’ll need to purchase at least 4-6 per room.

Bed Bug Plug™ is a single device equipped with a glue cartridge in its chamber that ensures bed bugs are caught as soon as they enter deep into the trap to find the heat source. These glue cartridges should be replaced every 90 days, but 4-pack is only $16.49. The Bed Bug Plug™ device itself will remain active 24/7 for several years.

To combat the spread of bed bugs, you need an active approach. Defend your family and your sleep by buying Bed Bug Plug™ today!

Knowing is half the battle. Bed Bug Plug™ is more effective than anything else at detecting and capturing bed bugs. You can rest assured knowing that you’ll know the pests are there—before a major outbreak. Get Your Bed Bug Plug™ today!