What Are Bed Bugs? Turning Sleep into a Nightmare

“Don’t let the bed bugs bite!” has been a common bedtime phrase for centuries, and for good reason! Anyone who has had the unfortunate and painful experience of dealing with these blood-sucking pests has fought a battle they don’t want to repeat again.

So, what are bed bugs? These tiny pests aren’t just an inconvenient nuisance. When these flat, brown bugs invade our homes, they bring with them an array of negative effects that are both painful and costly to remedy, such as skin irritations and rashes, lack of sleep due to itchy discomfort and anxiety, and expensive treatments. Bed bugs hide away in cracks, clutter, and your mattress during the day, making them difficult to spot before it’s too late.

The best way to avoid these nasty bugs and their harmful effects is early detection. Get Bed Bug Plug™ today to protect your home and family from a bed bug infestation.

How to Spot and Identify Bed Bugs

When it comes to preventing a major infestation, early detection and identification is key! This isn’t as easy as it sounds. There are over 90 different types of bed bugs (gross!), which is one reason they are so tricky to remedy.

In general, an adult bed bug is a long, flat bug with a reddish-brown color. One common comparison is that they look kind of like an apple seed. However, like other blood-sucking creatures, they also swell up after they’ve eaten, making them look like little red balloon bugs. These insects are difficult to spot without the proper tools.

Bed Bug Plug™ is the most effective bed bug early detection device on the market. Our patented technology lures and traps bed bugs deep within the device’s casing to capture bed bugs anywhere around your bed, while leaving them intact for identification by a pest control professional. All you have to do is activate the device, and you’re protected!

During their lifecycle, a female bed bug can lay more than 200 eggs. Detect the problem early with Bed Bug Plug
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Bed Bugs and Health Concerns

One of the major concerns with bed bug infestations is the potential to suffer health issues. While bed bugs don’t carry and transmit diseases themselves, they can open the door for secondary infections and diseases. They feed by piercing the skin with an elongated beak, and sucking blood like a mosquito. These bites can become infected and swollen, painful and itchy, and often lead to serious allergic reactions.

An infestation of bed bugs doesn’t just cause discomfort, but can have an effect on your mood and health as well. Bed bugs have been linked to increased anxiety, depression, and energy levels. The best way to avoid the problem is to detect these parasites before they cause a major issue. Buy Bed Bug Plug™ today to rest easy knowing that you and your family are protected!

Bed bugs can spread disease and infections.
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