I Have Bed Bugs!

Let’s face it. Bed bugs, well, they’re just terrible little creatures, and nothing’s worse than knowing you have them in your home. Well, almost nothing. It’s far worse to pay to have your home treated for bed bugs, but still have them!

You see, bed bugs are stubborn little pests and can easily move from room to room, apartment to apartment. They hide in the hard to reach spaces, and in short, there is an unfortunate likelihood that they may not all be gone after treatment.

Say hello to the Bed Bug Plug™, the only patented and scientifically proven active detection device designed to detect bed bugs before they become an issue—again.

If you have bed bugs, you must have a professional treat your home. Unfortunately, there’s no getting around that. But before or after you have your home treated for bed bugs, install the Bed Bug Plug™. The Bed Bug Plug™ will help you detect bed bugs and determine if the treatment worked.

If the Bed Bug Plug™ detects bed bugs, call that pest control pro back. If no bed bugs are detected, you can sleep soundly knowing the Bed Bug Plug™ is working around-the-clock to protect your home and family, long after the treatment.

Get your Bed Bug Plug™ today and protect your home and family from bed bugs forever!

Why Choose Bed Bug Plug

  1. Bed Bug Plug™ has been tested and proven in a lab to be effective at detecting and capturing bed bugs.
  2. No chemicals! Instead of releasing chemical lures into the air you breathe, Bed Bug Plug™ utilizes soft heat to lure bed bugs.
  3. Bed Bug Plug™ captures bed bugs for identification by a pest control professional


Bed Bug Plug™is the industry’s leading bed bug early-detection device on the market. With patented technology, our bed bug monitors lure and capture bed bugs better than anything else—without the use of chemicals. Buy Bed Bug Plug today!