I Want to Protect My Home and Family from Bed Bugs!

The Bed Bug Plug™ is the world’s only patented and scientifically proven active bed bug detection device that offers discreet round-the-clock protection from a bed bug infestation.

Place a Bed Bug Plug™ in your bedroom. Just plug it in and let it start to work its magic. The Bed Bug Plug™ attracts bed bugs and captures them before they have a chance to infest your home. The trick to protecting your home, avoiding bed bug bites, and avoiding costly full home bed bug treatments is to detect bed bugs early.

Protect your home and family from bed bugs, get the leading active bed bug detection device on the market, the Bed Bug Plug™ today!

Why Choose Bed Bug Plug

  1. Bed Bug Plug™ has been tested and proven in a lab to be effective at detecting and capturing bed bugs.
  2. No chemicals! Instead of releasing chemical lures into the air you and your children breathe, Bed Bug Plug™ utilizes soft heat to lure bed bugs.
  3. Bed Bug Plug™ is a low-cost way to protect your home and family from bed bugs.


Bed Bug Plug™ is the industry’s leading bed bug early-detection device on the market. With patented technology, our bed bug monitors lure and capture bed bugs better than anything else—without the use of chemicals. Buy Bed Bug Plug today!